Looking for a cosy nest, somewhere out of the ordinary or somewhere to pitch your tent?
Here, there is something for every crowd and every level of comfort.
The facilities, certifications and prices will be specified and help you in your selection.



You are seeking comfort and freedom… Look no further for the hotel that’s right for you

Bed and breakfasts

Stay in a guest house and come meet some Normans first-hand!



You’re not at home… but it’s just like it!

Group gîtes

Large family or multitude of friends? Here are some spacious areas to accommodate them all!


A little bit different…

Need to get away and have a change of scenery? What would you say to sleeping somewhere original?


Pitch your tent or park your motorhome and enjoy yourself!


Motorhome rest areas

After a long drive, it is time to rest and recharge your batteries!