Curious about the past, French heritage and the history of ‘old stones’?
Here, you will discover some treasures!
Our region is studded with beautiful homes, châteaux, villages with character and exquisite gardens…
Why not visit and admire them!

Parks and gardens

Enthusiasts open up their doors … amazement guaranteed !

Towns and villages

An ideal ‘setting’ for wandering around… you’re sure to be enchanted!


These walls that could tell so many stories … enter and learn about the life of castles !

Châteaux - Office de Tourisme Bernay Terres de Normandie

Religious edifices

Thinking ‘sacred’ means believing in beauty… let yourself be transported!

History and Museums

Dive head first into the past… exhibitions and accounts will help you understand yourself better !

Artistic handicrafts

It’s hand-made and locally produced! Unique pieces… that you won’t be able to resist!